The Forest City Outdoor Town Action Team (FCOTAT) is pleased to announce that they have been awarded $2,362.00 in mini-grant funding through the Endless Mountains Heritage Region, in support of their project, “Connecting Forest City to its Outdoor Resources Through
Art”. The funding is made possible through the Endless Mountains Heritage Region, the Environmental Stewardship Fund (ESF) and the Commonwealth’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Grant match funds for the award have been provided by the
Rail Trail Council of NEPA and the Greater Forest City Business Alliance. Letters of support were also received from both of these organizations and also the Mountain View Garden Club.

The intent of this project is to place the first of several sculptures to creatively connect the D&H Rail Trail to the Forest City community and downtown. The end vision is to create a system of several sculptures that capture the heritage and character of the Forest City region, of
which our natural resources have always contributed. The first sculpture, for which this grant was requested, will be placed at the Forest City Trail Head marking the free WiFi – a service to trail users made possible with a grant awarded by the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau in
2019. The sculpture will be commissioned by local artist Scott Nichols and creatively integrates nature and outdoor recreation. The natural resources surrounding us have always played a role in our commerce and community – from coal mining in years past to current tourism in the form of activities such as walking, hiking, skiing and biking. As this project grows, a sculpture/art walk will lead trail users from the Forest City Trail Head via Erie Street to Main Street. The addition of the artwork within the community is intended to engage residents and visitors, reminding and representing our culture and heritage to all who pass through. This project supports a main focus of the Outdoor Town/Trail Town initiative, connecting our community and visitors to our outdoor spaces.

Completion of this first artwork is anticipated to occur in mid to late summer. The Rail Trail Council of NEPA has approved the placement of the sculpture at the Forest City Trail Head and as a WiFiservice marker. And, the Samuel Company has committed to construct a concrete
slab on which to place and secure the unique art. The FCOTAT and Forest City Borough are excited to partner with the Endless Mountains Heritage Region for this initial sculpture and appreciative of their support for progress within our community.