Business in Forest City

Forest City PA, situated where Lackawanna, Susquehanna, and Wayne counties meet, has the unique advantage of having three different demographics to support its local economy.

Coupled with easy access to Interstate 81 and Route 6, and an abundance of skilled local labor, Forest City has been the choice for manufactures seeking a location that offers economical infrastructure, while still affording efficient access to major east coast markets.

Forest City has been a center of local commerce for over a century. From it’s days as a logging and anthracite town through it’s evolution to support the textile and manufacturing industries, Forest City has had a proud tradition of skilled labor.

Honesdale National Bank, Forest City Branch

Honesdale National Bank, Forest City Branch

Banking and professional services grew up with Forest City, and continue to support local commerce. Today, Main Street Forest City alone has over 50 businesses and professional offices along its one mile trek as well as fun specialty shops to explore!

The greater Forest City area hosts manufacturing as well as many small businesses including:legal and accounting firms, bars/restaurants, compost/farm stands, general contractors, beauty salons, grocery stores, new car dealerships, wedding venues, bed and breakfasts, garages, auto body shops, telecommunication services, and more!

The Greater Forest City Business Alliance maintains close relationships with surrounding business resources, including The Honesdale National and First National Banks, Greater Forest City Industries, Carbondale and Wayne County chambers of commerce.

Considering Forest City for your manufacturing or service based business?

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